Foods Rich In Vitamins: TOP 10

Losing weight in a society where appearance exceeds being, often and willingly, has almost become a requirement. When you are not comfortable with yourself, the problem of overeating is further amplified. Foods rich in vitamins have nutritional and dietary properties that should be considered seriously. Everything starts from the head, and having a good predisposition helps a lot in a healthy diet.

Foods rich in vitamins are varied, and each of them has characteristics that make it suitable for any diet. In this post, we see which are the richest in vitamins, helping us with advice from Fashionaut, the site dedicated to fashion and lifestyle where you can find lots of news on the world of Beauty, as in the case of vacuity and its slimming properties.

Sweet Pepper

Pepper is one of those foods you should eat more often, especially during a dietary phase. It contains high percentages of vitamin C. Ideal for the cold seasons when you need to accumulate more vitamin C to help your immune defenses. As is always specified, it is not enough to take only vitamin C to say that you are immune to fever and colds. However, helping your defenses certainly doesn’t hurt in that sense.


Carrot is the vegetable with the most significant amount of minerals. It contains iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, and zinc. Furthermore, it is characterized by the massive presence of vitamins A, B, C, and beta-carotene. Two hundred grams of carrots are enough to acquire the daily food requirement. Here we answer the fateful question: is it good for the eyes or not? Does eating lots of carrots improve eyesight if you wear glasses? 

Of course not, if you think that just eating carrots can make you say goodbye to drinks. But there is a grain of truth. In the sense that, thanks to its antioxidant actions, it protects the eyes’ health and, consequently, also of sight. How is it? It prevents retinal degeneration, which can even lead to blindness if aggravated.


Particularly rich in vitamin C, berries are also abundant in fiber and mineral salts. They are often accompanied by yogurt, ice cream, and desserts, so they are highly recommended outside meals for their nutritional properties. This group includes raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, for example. Therefore, they are generally trendy and are widely used to make a more genuine cue than, perhaps, others that increase fat and do not give too many benefits.


Hazelnuts are considered dried fruit and are an almost inexhaustible source of vitamins. Potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus enrich its consistency and quality. The elements present are fiber, good fats, and vitamin E. Among the most important benefits related to the diet of hazelnuts are weight control, muscle and bone strengthening, cholesterol reduction, and blood pressure. Similar in color to chocolate, it has different properties, although the taste can also be identical for many.

Dairy Products

Milk, yogurt, and cheese are part of the classic Mediterranean diet. They contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and vitamins and fibers to ensure a healthy purification of the body. Constituent proteins of high biological value for bone, muscle, and organ development. They prevent arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and forms of cancer. Not everyone can eat dairy products, as lactose intolerants need to be especially careful.


Food was rich in vitamins and among the most beneficial properties. It contains a promo line of exotic nature, a substance with anti-inflammatory properties that guarantee better digestion. It is suitable for the stomach and easily adapts as a beauty solution for creams and lotions in the beauty field. It also benefits the kidneys and intestines. Pineapple is also used on pizza, but we don’t want to open a controversy!


It constitutes a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet for the caloric intake to the minimum terms it provides to the body. Contains large amounts of water and low-fat levels. Only 18 calories are present for every 100 grams. The benefits in terms of health consist of anticancer protection, blood pressure reduction, digestion simulation, and diuresis.


Food was rich in vitamins, healthy and ideal to be consumed during the autumn and winter season. There are many varieties, from blood red to blackberry and bitter. Rich in water and carbohydrates. Low-calorie consumption with its 40kcal per 100 grams.


Fruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants from China. Very refreshing, made up of 80% water and 11% carbohydrates. High fiber content against heart and cancer problems. It improves eyesight, strengthens the immune system, and maintains good bone health.


It represents the fruit with the most significant amount of vitamin C ever. Ideal for use in juices, ice creams, sweets, jams. Vitamin C itself promotes circulation and iron intake and prevents anemia. Rich in antioxidants beneficial for reducing stress and cholesterol and helping the functional activity of the heart. They allow the balanced functioning of the human body and brain, the production of hormones, and inflammatory processes. 30kcal per 100 is enough to produce these effects.


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