Low Carb Diet Plan For Weight Loss

What Are Low Carbs?

The low carb comes from English and, in a real sense, signifies “little carbs.” What is implied by this is that in a low-carb sustenance plan, significant consideration is taken to keep away from food varieties containing sugars. These incorporate, for instance, pasta, white bread, potato items, just as food varieties with high sugar or high sugar content, just as liquor. 

Starches are comprised of sugar particles: straightforward sugar (for example, in natural product or grape sugar), twofold sugar (for example, in pure sweetener, table sugar, just as lactose and malt sugar), and numerous sugars (fiber and starch from corn, grain or potatoes).

The idea of ​​the low-carb diet, similar to the Paleo diet, is based on when we were hunters and gatherers. At that time, meat and fast-growing vegetables were mainly consumed. People ate fewer carbohydrate foods. Since both pasta and bread have to be processed first, this type of food only emerged with advancing urbanization and does not correspond to our natural food sources.

Low Carb Nutrition Plan

We are primarily interested in offering a balanced nutrition plan that is not associated with starvation, loss of enjoyment, or particularly great effort. We want the renouncement of carbohydrates through other individually adapted substitute products in our diet plan to avoid suffering but maintain the quality of life and still lose weight. This is what our low carb nutrition plan offers

  1. A diet of unprocessed and nutritious foods
  2. A balanced diet change without hunger n
  3. Improved body awareness and more energy in everyday life
  4. A higher understanding of food that is good for you

A Sample Day In Your Low Carb Eating Plan

We make it easy for you. Our diet is healthy, easy and delicious, varied, and above all, sustainable. A personalized nutrition plan for healthy eating will help you to take the first step and all the way later by giving you precise information about every to-do. After calculating your +personal number of calories to lose weight and calculating your optimal weight with the BMI calculator, you will receive weekly shopping lists for everything you need for your meals. 

In addition, exact specifications when and how you prepare the delicious and nutritious low carb recipes. In addition, you will receive tips for shaping your life around the goal of health. You can find everything you need. 

Lose Weight With Low Carb – How Does It Work?

Many studies indicate that mainly carbohydrates make people fat, whereas proteins stimulate our metabolism and help us lose weight. We find proteins mainly in meat, fish, yogurt, and eggs. The low-carb diet dispenses with carbohydrates, as these are converted into sugar in the body, and thus the blood sugar level rises. To reduce this, the body produces hormones, which on the one hand, the fat-burning inhibits hunger trigger in the brain.

These changes in the biological processes in the body promise rapid weight loss without the colloquial “yo-yo effect.” In contrast to the “hunger you slim” diets, the high protein consumption of the nutrition plan also promises that no muscles are broken down. Since muscles in particular burn calories, maintaining strength while losing weight is of great benefit.

Who Is A Low-Carb Nutrition Plan Suitable For?

In general, the low-carb nutrition plan is suitable for anyone who dares to avoid carbohydrates. Of course, one would think that this nutrition plan is especially right for athletes or people who combine their diet with exercise. But due to the biological factors described above, which are the same in every person, Low Carb is suitable for every healthy person. 

With the help of our nutrition plans, you can redesign your habits and thus playfully change your shopping habits. Quickly replace low carb foods such as salads and vegetables, pasta and potatoes, and fruit as the sweets in your shopping cart.


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