Low Carb Dressings & Dips

If your food tastes bland, you can spice it up with our low carb dressings and dips. The low-carbohydrate sauces are not only incredibly tasty – but they also contain little to no sugar. Low carb diets are said to stimulate fat metabolism and help you lose weight, which is why more and more athletes and non-athletes are eating fewer carbohydrates. 

Many people find it difficult to start changing their diet, but it is worth sticking to it to lose weight in the long term. Before that happens, however, the body has to change its metabolism. Our low-carbohydrate marinades can be a real asset to your fitness kitchen because they do not contain any hidden carbohydrates.

What Are Low Carb Dressings And Dips?

Sugar surrounds us every day. Often we even eat it without even realizing it. These hidden carbohydrates lurk everywhere – not just in traditional tomato ketchup or cola. Nowadays, sugar is found in many foods that sometimes come to the table every day. If you want to limit your sugar consumption, it is usually difficult to change your diet because it is not that easy to do without. Many people like to use fresh salads in this regard, but dressings and dips can quickly become sugar traps. 

Although most manufacturers advertise healthy ingredients, many finished products contain up to two tablespoons of sugar. Although the fat content of many products has been greatly reduced, they often contain more sugar to compensate for the lack of flavour carrier. With this dressing, however, a crunchy salad can quickly become a calorie bomb. Eating a low carb diet means limiting the number of carbohydrates to reduce the amount of body fat. Sugary sauces are of little use here.

How Much Sugar Do The Sauces Contain?

So that our low-carbohydrate dressings and dips are suitable for a low carb diet and thus for weight loss, they contain neither sugar nor fat. Sugar in carbohydrates is an important source of energy, but it can lead to health problems and obesity if it gets the upper hand in the diet. By reducing your sugar consumption, your body has to change its metabolism by using fat reserves as an energy source instead of sugar. 

It takes a while until the glycogen stores are empty. However, the longer you avoid foods rich in carbohydrates, the faster your body can change its metabolism. Low carb diets have one great advantage: In contrast to carbohydrates, the pancreas has to release significantly less insulin when metabolizing fats so that the insulin level hardly rises. So-called insulin spikes, which are responsible for food cravings and weight gain, are avoided.

What Are Low Carb Dressings?

Low carb dressings are salad dressings that are not only free from carbohydrates but also free from fat. Sauces are mainly used to refine salads, but you can also use them as an ingredient for homemade burgers, sandwiches or grilled foods.

What Are Low Carb Dips?

Low carb dips are just as versatile as the dressing variant. They do not contain sugar or fat, which is why they are suitable for a low-carbohydrate diet. In contrast to dressing, low carb dips are an important part of many party menus. Usually, other foods are dipped into the dips to add a little more flavour.

The most popular low carb dressings and dips include:

  1. tomato ketchup
  2. Mustard dill sauce
  3. Caesar dressing
  4. Teriyaki sauce
  5. BBQ sauce
  6. Italy dressing
  7. Pizza sauce
  8. Cocktail sauce

Who Are Low-Carbohydrate Products For?

Low carb dressings and dips are generally suitable for people who value a low-carbohydrate diet.

What Foods Can You Combine Them With?

Our low carb sauces are suitable for warm and cold dishes to provide a very special flavour note. Salads, grilled foods and sweets taste twice as delicious with low carb dressings. And best of all, you can enjoy our sauces with no regrets because they contain no fat or carbohydrates.


Low carb dressings and dips are a great alternative to traditional sauces because they are sugar and fat-free. You can use them in a variety of ways – not just for salads, grills and burgers. 

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