Plugged Ears, Natural Remedies

Plugged ears can be a nuisance, become a nuisance, and become a pathology. It is good to consult the specialist for a correct diagnosis if the problem is not resolved in a short time.

Plugged Ears, What It Is

That ugly sensation of muffled reality, which one tries to counteract by continuing to swallow in the hope of uncorking the ears “is technically defined as middle ear barotrauma. Sometimes it manifests itself with the sensation of plugged ears and a sense of instability. In more severe cases, there are also painful conditions of the ear.

Causes Of Plugged Ears

Why do my ears get blocked? The causes are different and extent. There can be causes of external, mechanical nature, such as being subjected to strenuous work that stresses the hearing and its structure in a very violent, progressive, and debilitating way and that, over time, present the bill. Those who constantly work in boisterous environments, without even realizing it, find themselves with hearing damage, rumbling in the ear, and with the distinct sensation of having their ears blocked, a pretty accurate perception because the ear tries to protect itself as it can from such damaging external stresses. In these cases, it is often difficult to recover the damage.

Plugged Ears And Colds

Often when we are in a condition of cold, flu, or infection of the airways, the production of mucus, which we remember is a defensive reaction of our organism, can cause plugged ears. The phlegm that forms and cannot be dissolved and discharged invades the so-called “mask” formed by the nose, throat, and ears. It is also essential to pay attention to simple colds and to intervene with mucolytics in case of ears blocked by phlegm, even natural ones, to avoid the stagnation that could lead to painful ear infections, such as ear infections. 

Plugged Ears And Pressure

When we find ourselves in particular conditions that involve changes in position, at different altitudes than usual, in pressurized environments such as in an airplane or during a dive in the water, our ears transform into a sort of hatch which, to safeguard our progressive adaptation. It closes. Indeed it stops. Water in the ears also causes discomfort. 

We can be patient and wait for the ears to open on their own once stabilized in the new habitat or, as often happens, mechanically stimulate this process to free the plugged ears by swallowing or yawning. High blood pressure can also affect the ear, causing headaches and a feeling of plugged-in ears with ringing. In these cases, it is essential to intervene quickly because hypertension can cause irreparable hearing damage.

Plugged Ears And Ear Wax

Our ear produces a waxy substance, which performs a protective and lubricating function of the ear canal. Earwax usually dissolves and is washed away during daily cleansing. Still, in some conditions, it can accumulate excessively, harden, and clog the ear’s outer portion until it presses over the eardrum. In this case, the muffled or even plugged ear effect is guaranteed.

It is essential to pay attention to how you take care of the hygiene of your ears. The sticks with cotton that push the ear wax to the bottom of the ear canal are banned. It is always good to use warm water emulsified with an emollient oil to periodically clean from excess ear wax or specific drops for plugged ears. 

Plugged Ears And Cervical

Some problems related to the musculoskeletal system of the temporomandibular joint or the cervical portion may reverberate on the auditory system and create hearing loss or the sensation of a plugged ear. This can be attributed to the involvement of the acoustic nerve subjected to firm pressure due to joint misalignment or stiffening of the neck muscles.

In these cases, there is benefit once the imbalance at the origin of the problem has been resolved, thanks to the intervention of the expert hands of a physiotherapist or chiropractor. Particular pathologies can damage the hearing system. Still, in those cases, it is no longer possible to speak of simply plugged ears, and the lesions can be severe and irreversible. 

Natural Remedies For Plugged Ears

We have seen some causes behind the plugged ear sensation. The simplest remedies relate to transient ailments due to a transitory and quickly resolved condition. In other more severe cases, bringing benefits to ear problems is difficult even for medicine. Under certain conditions, hyperbaric chamber sessions are recommended and are often not entirely conclusive. In naturopathy, we can operate in prevention and apply simple rules of correct ear hygiene, in addition to the classic common sense suggestions such as swallowing, yawning, or chewing gum, for correct decompression.

  1. Nasal Washing: In case of mucus overproduction, it is possible to help unclog the ears through nasal washing. It is an ancient practice; in Ayurvedic culture, for example, it is recommended to prevent respiratory tract infections. It can be carried out through a specific instrument, the lota, equipped with a shaped spout to be introduced into the nostrils. With a warm saline solution, natural drainages are carried out that clean the paranasal sinuses and the nostrils, dissolve the localized mucus, and “uncork the ears.”
  2. Ear Washes: In the case of earwax plugs, it is always good to consult the motor, but if you are unable, an old grandmother’s remedy for cleaning the ears can be beneficial and consists in warming a small portion of oil. Olive, and with a dropper, slide it into the duct and let it act patiently. Sticks that could push earwax deep should not be used. The earwax will dissolve slowly and then be removed with simple saline solution irrigation at body temperature.
  3. Inhalations: When colds and sinusitis cause excess phlegm that congest the ear, we can remedy this unpleasant ailment with inhalations of balsamic vapor that unblock the nose and ears.

A few drops of eucalyptus and cajeput essential oil are enough to help the airways clear and unclog the ears.


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