Some Recipes Of Rabbit

Fried Rabbit In Crunchy Batter 

Fried rabbit is a simple second course: preparing it with a light and crunchy batter. The fried rabbit is a delicious and crunchy second course for a family lunch. Rabbit has delicate, lean meat that needs cooking to preserve its softness. Frying in batter has the power to keep the heart juicy and tender. The recipe is from the traditional peasant ones, the classic poor cuisine where quality was the main ingredient. 

Using a boned rabbit is undoubtedly more convenient, as you don’t have to remove the bones every time, but these give flavor to the meat. Adding grappa to the batter provides an aromatic note from other spirits, such as cognac or beer. Aromatic herbs, on the other hand, in frying, could overcook and give bitter notes. Remember to salt the rabbit at the last minute so as not to dampen the frying.

Ingredients For Four People

  1. Preparation: 40 mins
  2. Calories: 380 Kcal x 100g
  3. difficulty: low


  1. Rabbit 1 kg
  2. Flour 200 g
  3. Water 200ml
  4. Grappa 20 ml
  5. Salt just enough
  6. Seed oil 1 l

Preparation Fried Rabbit

  1. Cut the rabbit into pretty small pieces. Where possible, remove the bones.
  2. Make a batter with the flour and water using a whisk. Pour in the grappa and season with salt. Mix well.
  3. Pass each piece in the blink, so it is well covered. Remove and let it drain, then pass it in the hot oil. Cook for about 10 minutes, turning at least once but adjust according to the size of the pieces. Dry on absorbent paper, season with salt, and serve piping hot.

Rabbit With Mustard

The rabbit recipe flavored with mustard will be particularly appreciated by those who love solid and rustic flavors: here’s how to prepare it. Rabbit with mustard is tasty and easy to prepare for the second course. The delicate flavor of the rabbit lends itself well to various combinations to obtain many new flavors from a starting ingredient, such as rabbit stuffed with asparagus and spring onions.

Ingredients For Six People

  1. Preparation: 20 mins
  2. Rest time: 80 mins
  3. Calories: 130 calories x 100g
  4. difficulty: low


  1. Rabbit 1500 g
  2. Strong mustard 4 tbsp
  3. Bacon stretched out five slices
  4. Vegetable broth two glasses
  5. golden onions 1
  6. Half a glass of white wine
  7. Extra virgin olive oil as needed
  8. Salt just enough
  9. Cream 100ml

Preparation Rabbit With Mustard

  1. Remove the rabbit’s head and any fat, inside and outside. Check that there are no residual hairs and wash it thoroughly. Dry it and cut it into pieces, preferably small.
  2. Cut the bacon into cubes. Peel the onion and, with a sharp knife, slice it into tiny cubes.
  3. Take a low and wide casserole that contains all the rabbits in a single layer. Pour in a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and add the pieces of pancetta. Please put it on medium heat and let it brown slowly.
  4. When the pancetta begins to brown, remove it and, in its place, add the onion and the rabbit cut into pieces. Always let it brown on a low flame.
  5. When the meat is browned on all sides, pour in the half glass of white wine and let it evaporate. Add the mustard, bacon, and vegetable stock. Season with salt, remembering that bacon is still tasty.
  6. Cover and cook for about an hour or until the meat, when penetrated by the tip of a knife, releases a completely transparent liquid without any trace of pink.
  7. Arrange the rabbit on a heated serving plate where you have previously placed the cooked basmati rice pilaf. Add a couple of tablespoons of cream to the sauce left in the pan, mix, and pour it over the meat. It is hot.

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