Why Natural Supplements Are Helpful For Melting Fat

If belly fat or rolls on your hips are your problem, it is good to know that, obviously, in addition to a healthy diet, there can be some essential natural supplements that help to melt abdominal fat. In fact, many natural allies can help us if we are on a diet or if we want to stay fit and healthy. It is always better to combine a slimming diet and fat-burning supplements with the use of anti-cellulite or fat-melting creams and body products for a more complete action. 

It often happens that even if you are following a diet or have a controlled diet, you still struggle to lose weight and fat in some critical areas, such as the belly. The reasons may be different, but above all, it must be taken into consideration that each person has a different metabolism and lifestyle. Sometimes, the cause of excessive weight gain may depend on the fat metabolism mechanism, which in some people works very well, while in others, it may be poor or ineffective. 

A healthy body must be able to transform all the food given to it daily into energy, just as fuel allows the car to move forward. This mechanism is called “metabolism”, but it does not always work effectively in all individuals. If there are no severe pathologies, sometimes it may be enough to give the system a “shock” to make it start working as it should again. Valid help is given by “slimming” supplements, which “break hunger and burn fat, and substances present in nature such as herbs, roots, flowers, and minerals. 

It is not necessarily necessary to use capsules or tablets; it may be sufficient to integrate some foods into the daily diet. Furthermore, supplements can also help push the body to destroy fat deposits through thermogenesis, that is, the increase in internal body temperature that contributes to the melting of fat. In other cases, suitable body purification is sufficient to help eliminate fluid stagnation, water retention, and belly swelling. 

In other cases, you can take fat-dissolving supplements in tablets or directly with your diet. In fact, whether they are tablets, capsules, herbal teas, infusions, or foods cooked in a certain way, fat-burning supplements are helpful if consumed immediately or as soon as discomfort is felt. Be careful; however, if you are taking medications or suffer from some specific disease, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before using a supplement, even if it is “natural”.

What Are The Best Fat Burners?

There are herbs, plants, fruits, spices, and roots in nature that can come to the rescue when your body alone is unable to dispose of accumulated fat. They can be used in the form of herbal teas, tablets, table foods, and essential oils in constant cycles to obtain good results in a short time. These foods have a thermogenic function and can reduce the absorption of fat as well as attack already-accumulated fat and burn it. Fat-burning substances and supplements are recommended during a weight-loss diet in certain moments of life, for example, in less pause, but also to stay fit and healthy.

Bitter Orange To Reduce Fat Deposits

Bitter orange is helpful for people who suffer from generalized burdening of body functions. Synephrine, a substance contained in bitter orange, has a stimulating action on the metabolism and the use of fat for energy purposes. Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) is a citrus fruit already used in traditional Chinese medicine as a stimulant for the body’s vital functions. It can be used when the muscles are not very toned, and the metabolism is slow or at the first symptom of cellulite. Its effectiveness is quite proven. 

It should never be used if there are heart diseases and hypertension. You can consume the dry extract of bitter orange in tablet form as a supplement, sometimes also combined with caffeine, hawthorn, guarana, and vitamin C. It is recommended to take one tablet in the morning before breakfast with a nice glass of water. Then, you need to stop for a month and resume the treatment. Bitter orange essential oil is also helpful in massaging into cellulite.

Green Coffee And Green Tea: Antioxidants Helpful In Burning The Rolls On The Hips

Green coffee, if taken in the morning, can help reduce excess kilos as well as give a nice boost of energy to start the day. It is beneficial for combating abdominal fat and those rolls on the waistline that are often difficult to get rid of. Thanks to green coffee, sugars and fats are transformed more quickly into “energy” ready for consumption so as to burn the deposits already accumulated.

In unroasted coffee seeds, there is chlorogenic acid, a substance capable of slowing down the assimilation of sugars in the form of fats and helping the body use the fat deposit already accumulated. Green coffee is recommended in all cases of obesity, especially for those who have accumulated fat on their waist and stomach. It can also be helpful for those who are always hungry for “carbohydrates” or sugars because it avoids glycemic peaks and helps to feel complete. You can find various green coffee-based supplements on sale, generally in the form of tablets or herbal tea sachets. 

It is better to take 1 or 2 green coffee tablets a day, preferably between meals, for one or two months before meals. It has no exciting activity, so it can also be taken before bed. Green tea is an important antioxidant and is also able to regulate body weight. You can drink green tea to detoxify the body, to keep it young and healthy, to fight free radicals, and to give some energy during a low-calorie diet. It is recommended to drink 2–3 cups of green tea a day to boost your metabolism. Please do not leave the sachets to infuse for too long to avoid them taking on an excessively intense and unpleasant flavor. Together with ginger, it can help limit the craving for sweets!

Cinnamon To Reduce The Absorption Of Sugars

Cinnamon is a beneficial spice for those who tend to put on abdominal fat, a sign that carbohydrates are not processed well. Typically, belly fat is a symptom of a diet too rich in simple sugars, i.e., classic white sugar and refined foods such as bread and white flour pasta. According to a recent study, a pinch of ground cinnamon is enough to reduce the assimilation of sugar, even just one gram a day! 

It may be helpful to regularly consume cinnamon infusion to drink 10 minutes before the main meal, and it can be prepared with ready-made sachets or with two teaspoons of cinnamon herbal tea found in herbalist shops. Those who love massages can massage cinnamon essential oil diluted in almond oil on the fat rolls and belly twice a day.

Chitosan Is Helpful In Avoiding The Absorption Of Fats

Chitosan is a substance that is extracted from the external “skeleton” of crustaceans. It is a fiber that, in its soluble form, can help emulsify dietary fats when they arrive in the stomach, trapping them. In this way, the fats are expelled from the feces instead of being absorbed. However, chitosan only works if associated with a low-calorie diet. It is recommended to cycle periods of chitosan use interspersed with cycles of suspension. It is not recommended for those who are allergic to crustaceans and molluscs. You can take two tablets a day (1 hour before lunch and 1 hour before dinner) to reduce the absorption of fats contained in food.

Goji Berries: Help For Those Suffering From Overweight Due To Stress

Today, goji berries are easily found on sale. It is better to choose those coming from organic cultivation. Goji berries help protect the skin by being excellent natural antioxidants and having an anti-inflammatory function, making them useful in the case of cellulite. The presence of vitamin B1, which is helpful in converting carbohydrates into energy, helps keep the metabolism active and healthy and reduces fat levels. 

Goji berries can reduce cortisol levels, a hormone that is produced in stressful situations and, if in excess, causes nervous hunger. They are very rich in fiber, precious for regulating intestinal activity and increasing the feeling of satiety. We recommend consuming goji juice in the morning on an empty stomach in half a glass of water or green tea. For a shock treatment, you can take another spoonful before dinner.

Mate To Lose Weight, Tone And Detoxify The Body

Mate is an energy drink obtained from an evergreen plant from Latin America. In fact, mates are drunk, especially in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. The mate plant contains caffeine; furthermore, its leaves are rich in tannins and polyphenols derived from chlorogenic and caffeic acids.

Being a refreshing drink, mate is recommended in cases of healing. Mate has antioxidant, diuretic, stimulating, and toning properties. For those with weight problems, mate is recommended to activate the metabolism and help detoxify the body. It is better to drink no more than two cups of water a day in the morning and not in the evening. It is available for sale in powder or sachets, generally in herbalist shops.

Rhodiola Rosea To Reduce Fat Deposits

Rhodiola rosea is a root known as a golden root. It has been used for centuries for its healthy, even slimming, properties. Rhodiola rosea helps transform stored fat into muscle and increases serotonin levels, thus calming anxious hunger. Rhodiola rosea can help increase lean muscle mass, thus making the body more toned. Rhodiola rosea tablets can be found on sale in herbalist’s shops or pharmacies. It is recommended to use it before meals to limit hunger. It can also be helpful when starting a weight-loss diet to boost your metabolism.

Pepper Reactivates The Metabolism And Burns Fat Faster

Pepper is a spice that helps reactivate the metabolism. Black pepper is the spiciest and has a more intense aroma than white pepper. It helps accelerate thermogenesis thanks to piperine, a substance found in the peel and seeds. An ancient Indian medicine, pepper, is recommended in cases of obesity and metabolic slowdown. You can use pepper directly in the kitchen by grinding it on the spot. It is not recommended for those suffering from ulcers and gastritis.

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