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Yoga In Pregnancy: How To Prepare A Woman’s Body For Childbirth

It helps reduce the stress of childbirth, relieves pregnancy’s physical pains, and prepares the body for birth. This is why you shouldn’t give up on yoga during pregnancy. An activity that also strengthens the mother-child bond.

Pregnant Yoga

Yoga is a perfect tool for getting to know your body. This is why yoga during pregnancy is beneficial and strongly recommended to strengthen the contact between mother and baby and familiarize yourself with the transformations of the body, which changes day by day. Yoga then has the advantage of being able to be practiced comfortably at home, at the times you prefer, and without wasting either the time or money that attending a specialized center would require.

Benefits Of Yoga In Pregnancy

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is good for you. First, there are the physical advantages. From this point of view, yoga is considered a stretching exercise. So, like swimming and other sports, it becomes beneficial, for example, to avoid putting on extra pounds. And so as not to give up the agility and balance of the body. 

Yoga then relieves typical pains of pregnancy such as cramps, swelling, the presence of varicose veins, and nausea and, practiced regularly, prepares the body for childbirth, as it increases flexibility. Yoga also improves blood circulation and accustoms the body to relaxation practices. Furthermore, learning yogic breathing is also helpful in the moment of childbirth, as it can help relieve pain and provide the right amount of oxygen to the baby.

Benefits For The Pregnant Yoga Mind

There are psychological benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy. Yoga during pregnancy reduces stress, tension, and fear. And it softens the emotions. A study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology promotes and encourages it as excellent prevention before childbirth. And it denies that there are risks of adverse effects on blood pressure and heart rhythm as there are no consequences in terms of increased uterine contractions. With yoga, you also train strength and endurance, virtues necessary to better face the task of parents.

Pregnant Yoga Exercises

There are several yoga exercises that you can do during pregnancy, each one suitable for a specific phase of your gestation. Regarding the frequency, there are no precise rules. The important thing is not to overload the body with efforts, be guided by moderation and listen to your body, which will show you when it is appropriate to stop. Here are three main exercises to do in pregnancy:

Position Of The Cat

To relieve back pain during pregnancy, the Cat position is ideal. On all fours, with hands wide open and knees on the mat, arch your back down, inhaling through your nose. Then exhale, doing the opposite movement, arching your back up and turning your head down.

Position Of Hip Rotation

Still on all fours on the mat, with your hands and knees resting on the ground but your knees further apart, you can start the position of the rotation of the hips, rotating the hips to form 8. This exercise helps the child to have more space in the tummy and position himself in the best position for labor.

Rotation Of Wrists And Feet 

On the other hand, rotating wrist and foot exercises help reduce swelling and increase circulation. To turn your wrists from sitting on the mat or standing, close your hands into fists and create circles with your wrists, slowly raising and lowering your arms at the sides of your body simultaneously. Instead, to rotate the feet, you have to sit and stretch your legs frontally, with the feet far apart, drawing circles with the legs.


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