Drink A Lot: With Three Little Tricks, You Burn Calories

The sun is sizzling from the sky, and you can feel the sweat running out of every pore – lots of exercises or even sport is out of the question. It’s a good thing that one simple thing can melt those calories. The hot temperatures and constant sweating can be pretty exhausting in the long run. Very few of us think about sports or a lot of exercises. But are sweaty workouts at 30 degrees more necessary at all? 

Our body should burn significantly more calories – and thus fat – as a result of the exertion that the heat causes than in milder temperatures. Or? The first thought that certainly comes to mind for many is: “If you sweat a lot, you lose more weight.” Unfortunately, the principle is not that simple. As always, when it comes to calorie requirements for basal metabolic rate, it is essential to mention that everybody is different, and there are apparent differences. These can even vary by several hundred calories.

Shivering Uses More Energy Than Sweating

Various factors affect this individual energy turnover. These include, for example, the amount of movement, the muscle mass, and the ambient temperature. The outside temperature influences our energy consumption because the body has to raise or lower its core temperature to a comfortable 37 degrees. And although many people find sweating in summer to be more strenuous than freezing in winter, when we shiver, we use up more energy. So the heat doesn’t just melt the love handles – too bad.  

Stimulate Metabolism Through Drinking

In addition to the annoying constant sweating, another component that is decisive for our metabolism in summer: is the increased reaching for the water bottle. Because the loss of water through the skin must, of course, be compensated, if you rely on water or other calorie-free drinks, such as unsweetened tea, for hydration, this can also stimulate your metabolism.

With Three Little Tricks, You Can Melt The Calories Just By Drinking

Drink More Than Two Liters Of Water

Especially in summer, it is essential to drink a lot. However, increasing fluid intake can keep your metabolism and help you burn fat. 

Drink Cold Water

If you drink cold drinks, your body must warm them up first – this uses energy and, therefore, calories. Caution: When exercising, you should avoid drinking too cold drinks. These would only raise your body temperature further and strain your body. 

Drink Before Meals

Drinking a glass of water before a meal can help curb hunger pangs and keep you from overindulging. Attention: You achieve the opposite effect if you constantly use sugary drinks such as soft drinks, juices, or milkshakes. 

More Exercise, Less Feasting

Even if your body doesn’t burn more fat than usual when it’s hot, it’s probably easier for you to lose a few pounds in the summer.  You’re probably less hungry for hearty, high-calorie meals when it’s hot outside. Instead, light and healthy snacks such as salads, wraps, or smoothies are popular. Another plus point for the summer: You move more – almost automatically – regardless of sports units. Walks, bike rides to work, or splashing around in the bathing lake burn calories. An active summer, therefore, has a positive effect on your figure. But what is even more critical: an exercise in the fresh air, preferably with friends, is fun.


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