Hair Removal: Natural And Effective Methods

Unwanted hair is a bigger problem for women than cellulite. Yet there are many ways to get rid of it. But few know that natural methods also work very well: here are the most effective. Razor, creams and foams, waxing, laser, and pulsed light are the most used methods to remove unwanted hair. However, hair removal remains a sore point for many women, sometimes with a psychological burden even higher than cellulite, of which paradoxically we talk more.

The Most Used Methods Of Hair Removal And Epilation

There is a difference between the two concepts: depilating means eliminating the visible part of the hair, a result obtained with razors, creams, foams, etc. Epilation, on the other hand, also acts on the root, with a tear in the case of waxing, with a ray of light or heat if you use more technological systems such as lasers and pulsed light, which allow you to get rid of hair almost permanently, after several sessions in the institute or at the aesthetic doctor.

Do It-Yourself Hair Removal With Natural Methods

Then there is the possibility of using homemade ingredients for effective hair removal: let’s see them together. The simplest is to combine sugar, honey, and lemon juice in equal parts. The mixture should be heated slowly in a bain-marie to prevent it from burning. Stir with a wooden spoon. If it becomes too thick, water can be added, while corn starch is used to thicken it. The right consistency is when it forms a “ribbon” with the wooden spoon. It takes some practice, but it’s easier done than said.

How To Use Sugar Wax

Before pouring this “wax” on the skin:

  1. Isolate it by running a thin but uniform layer of talcum powder or cornstarch so that the mixture adheres only to the hair.
  2. Apply it with a wooden spatula in the direction of growth.
  3. Place a waxing strip on top (found in beautician supply stores), let it solidify and cool, then tear off the grain, just like a regular wax.

The Epilating Mask

Then there is the recipe that includes eggs, corn starch, and sugar. You need an egg white, half a tablespoon of cornstarch, and a tablespoon of sugar. Mix everything until thick but smooth paste forms, which should be applied to the skin and left to solidify for about half an hour. It should be removed with your hands; you will also remove the trapped hairs.

How To Delay Regrowth

Very simple: papaya pulp. The papain enzyme is keratolytic. It acts on the keratin by weakening the structure up to the root. Do a compress every day for a week after epilation, and you will soon see results. In addition, the skin will also be more silky thanks to the exfoliating action of papain.

To Try 

Veet has recently launched the Natural Inspirations line: cream, strips, soap to use in the shower, and a potted wax with 100% natural ingredients. The warm wax is, in fact, based on sugar, vegetable starches, and argan oil. Moreover, those who love wax can try the cold one of Strep: it is called Sugaring and is inspired by the oriental tradition. Made from corn starch, brown sugar, and honey, it’s elementary to use. Alternatively, there are ready-made strips, comfortable and very fast, in different formats for the face and body.


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