How To Shave Your Beard Perfectly

In this article, we will reveal some of the secrets of the professionals to shave your beard flawlessly without smudging. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, it doesn’t matter: there’s always something new to discover to make shaving more comfortable and smooth. After all, many small accidents that can occur during the procedure can be avoided by following these simple tips. Let’s get started right away!

Skin Hydration

Do you want to shave without scratches or injuries? The secret is naturally regular hydration of the skin. We advise you to shave in the shower, using a product such as the delicate shower gel that softens the skin, or just after shaving. Hot water softens the hair and, at the same time, allows the razor to glide more easily. Help yourself by exfoliating your face at least once a week to remove dead cells and prepare your skin for a more comfortable shave.

Apply Shaving Foam Or Talcum Powder

Whether it’s a gel or a foam, it doesn’t matter. What matters is protecting the skin from the razor and facilitating the sliding of the blade. Distribute it evenly to hydrate the hair and protect yourself from irritation if you use a manual razor blade. If, on the other hand, you use an electric razor, use talcum powder to make the skin drier and smoother to facilitate the sliding of the heads.

Delicate And Precise Movements

After checking the condition of the blades (which should always be sharp to ensure better comfort and avoid having to go over the same spot several times):

  1. Proceed with the shave.
  2. Make delicate and precise movements, letting the razor do the work for you: if the tool is quality, you don’t need to apply any pressure.
  3. Remember to rinse the blades frequently to maintain their effectiveness.

Sparse against the hair and in the direction of the hair as the beard grows in different directions. Once you have obtained the desired result, rinse your face with warm water to relieve the shaved part and preserve its hydration. If you cut yourself, disinfect the lesion immediately with a little hydrogen peroxide to avoid infections. 

If you find yourself skipping apart, don’t worry! Apply a new layer of foam where you need an extra pass and continue cutting. Use an electric razor after drying your face well with a soft towel for precision work. Apply some beard oil. This oil nourishes the skin and lubricates the razor as it glides over your face. It is a different product than shaving cream. Place a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand and rub it into your beard before applying shaving cream and a warm washcloth to help the razor glide over your skin even more smoothly and comfortably. This will help reduce irritation.

First, Trim Your Beard

If you have a long beard, using an electric beard trimmer or clippers to trim the stubble as much as possible before using a razor is important. Electric beard trimmers are ideal for this purpose. Remove the guide comb and trim the entire beard. Never apply foam to a long beard to shave it with a razor. This method would be extremely painful and ineffective.

Apply Talcum Powder After Shaving

Whether using an electric or manual razor, remember to apply a small amount of talcum powder or velvety cream once you’ve finished shaving to soothe the skin and reduce possible redness. Now that you’ve shaved perfectly, your day can finally start right. Are you ready to go?

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