How To Train At Home: Fitness Tips And Exercises

It is now known that moving has infinite advantages for the body, mind, and general psycho-physical well-being. Sports activity can significantly improve your mood and relieve stress, allowing you to feel good about yourself and gain self-esteem and confidence in your abilities. While joining a gym is a great way to learn how to train correctly and live up to your good intentions of keeping fit, attending a sports center is not the only way to include training in your daily routine.

Home gyms are increasingly widespread today, and many are rediscovering the pleasure of training in the comfort of their own home, transforming domestic spaces into small home gyms. How to train at home then and have a more active lifestyle? And how do you create a home fitness program that allows you to keep the right motivation? Here are some tips.

How To Start Training At Home: The Essential Equipment

Practicing sport directly at home allows you not to be tied to any timetable or obligation and to train at no cost with bodyweight exercises which, even without the aid of gym machines, can help you achieve the desired shape. How to do a good workout at home? Attention to a few details and get tools that can significantly support your home training sessions. You can easily retrieve some tools directly within the walls of your home for a low-cost and super-fun workout. 

For example? Among the objects you can use in your home gym are the classic water bottles, which act as overloads, but also balls and the most straightforward chairs, the ideal support for many home exercises. Alternatively, you can also buy some specific training equipment without spending too much: in the most popular sports shops, you can find small dumbbells, barbells and jump ropes, but also elastic bands of variable resistance, pull-up bars, fireballs or kettlebells.

If you want to recreate the feeling of being in a small real gym at home, you can also equip yourself with a treadmill(small ones on the market that can be adapted to domestic spaces) or exercise bikes, steppers, ellipticals and benches. In addition to getting the right equipment to train at home, following the basic rules of common sense, and always respecting your training level, using the proper progression when approaching new exercises is essential.

Warm-Up And Basic Exercises

It is essential, even when you are preparing for a short period of training at home, not to skip one of the fundamental phases of training, i.e. the warm-up: always remember to dedicate a few minutes to prepare your body to face the fitness session, without underestimating the importance of this step. It is sufficient to warm up the body with light movements such as running on the spot or some aerobic exercise, also gently mobilizing the joints, which will then be stressed in subsequent exercises.

You can also dedicate yourself to many exercises inside your apartment: the ideal is to uniformly mix exercises for the upper part of the body with movements dedicated instead to the lower part for a workout that involves all muscle groups at 360 °. To get the lower, upper and core limbs in motion, you can opt for jumping jacks or burpees, complete and practical exercises. Mountain climbers are perfect for tone, firm legs, buttocks, and evergreen classics such as squats and lunges. To strengthen the pectorals, arms and back, push-ups are perfect(commonly called push-ups) and dips, specific for training the triceps, and easily performed with the help of a simple kitchen chair. 

While having sculpted abs, you can focus on crunches and planks, pulling but recommended. The correct execution of the exercises is essential to make them truly effective and, above all, to avoid serious injuries: before performing them, be sure to consult some reliable video tutorials or consider making a virtual appointment with an online personal trainer who can give you the right directions and correct yourself, at least in the initial stages of your journey. This idea is also allied to the right motivation to train at home, which is often difficult to find when playing sports without leaving the door.

Finding The Motivation To Train At Home: Tips And Tricks

Going to the gym is not only a way to have qualified machines and personal trainers at your disposal but also an incentive to get out of your comfort zone and enter an environment dedicated exclusively to fitness. Finding the same enthusiasm when training at home isn’t easy, but it’s possible, and a little forethought can help.

For example, it is preferable to reserve an area of ​​the house solely for training: a corner to be equipped with mats and equipment, which is solely dedicated to the daily workout. This will save you from having to move furniture and objects every time you want to train, and seeing your fitness space always ready can only act as an incentive. You will also have to work to make daily training an integral part of your habits, inserting training time directly into your agenda among all the other commitments and leisure activities of your day-by-day routine.

How Long Does It Take To Train?

It will be sufficient to foresee twenty minutes daily to make your toning plan effective or insert a more extended fitness space every other day. The ideal would be to train at least 3 or 4 times weekly. Still, it is essential that training does not become an obligation but an absolute pleasure: otherwise, the risk is that of feeling frustrated every time you have to skip a workout due to sudden commitments, resulting in totally abandoning your mission to keep fit.

One trick to turning the moment of the workout into a bit of pleasure is to choose training programs that you like and that keep you entertained without feeling constrained in any way: after all, the ultimate goal is to keep the body moving and release tension, and any strategy is acceptable to achieve this goal. Training at home as in the gym is therefore possible, dedicating the proper attention to the preliminary preparation and studying a personalized training program: bodyweight training is an excellent way to get to know your body and get in complete harmony with each muscle that composes it. Mind included.

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