Migraine: Eight Solutions To Get Rid Of It

Temple massage with essential oils, cryotherapy, sweetened coffee, and paracetamol. There are many simple solutions to get rid of a migraine. Here are eight tips to follow when you have a headache. It can pin you to bed for hours when it strikes, preventing you from doing anything but throw up. If it usually ends up passing on its own, here are 8 easily applicable tips to overcome it as quickly as possible. 

Drink Water

Most often, you have a headache because you are dehydrated. Remember to drink throughout the day to avoid migraines. The easiest way to do this is to always have a water bottle in your bag or on your desk.

Apply A Glove Of Cold Water To Your Forehead

Simple and effective, a wet glove with cold water on your forehead will help you pass the pain. Close your eyes and apply in the dark and quiet until you feel better.

Think Cryotherapy

If your forehead and temples hurt, apply cold. This will cause vasoconstriction of the dilated vessels, thus relieving the symptoms. Wrap ice cubes in a cloth and rub the painful area.

Think Warm

When the pain is located at the back of the head, it may be due to an old trauma in the cervical area waking up under the effect of fatigue or nervous tension. In this case, unlike cryotherapy, warm your neck to relieve the muscles located at the base of your head. Many easy solutions are available: cushion of cherry stones to be heated in the microwave, hairdryer, traditional hot water bottle.

Apply Essential Oil To Your Temples

If an attack occurs in the middle of the day and you don’t have time to rest, use a tiger balm (mixture of camphor and menthol) or a roll-on with essential oils (peppermint or lavender). Many organic shops and pharmacies sell it for six euros. Apply the product of your choice to the temples and the back of the neck, massaging gently. 

Have A Massage

Sometimes massaging his temples is not enough. Elbows resting on the table, jaws relaxed, mouth ajar, put your index finger at the joint of the jaws, and make small circles going from the inside to the outside, to the lobe of the ear. You can also knead the skin of your neck with three fingers, accompanying the message with a slight movement of the head. Last possible option: start from the trapezoids around the neck and go up with both hands to the ears.

Swallow Your Paracetamol With A Cup Of Sweetened Coffee 

In addition to your classic doliprane, drink coffee. Associated with paracetamol, caffeine contracts the dilated vessels, is a frequent cause of headaches, accelerates its absorption, and increases effectiveness. Remember to sweeten your coffee, the intake of sugar will also help compensate for any hypoglycemia, which may cause your migraine.

Beware Of Screens

If the migraine takes you home, drop the screens, probably the cause of your headache. If you are in the office, very slowly close your eyelids every 15 minutes and then reopen them just as gradually. Repeat this gesture at least ten times a day. Also, remember to blink regularly. In addition, many filters and applications exist to protect your eyes from computers. For example, redshift or Desktop Lighter software adjusts the color temperature of your screen. Finally, for those who want to consult their smartphone while falling asleep, although it is strongly discouraged by doctors, the Screen Filter application allows you to apply a darkening filter to phone screens.


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