Silk Pillowcase, Benefits For Skin And Hair

Elegant and soft-to-the-touch fabric is ideal for ensuring a beautiful sleep. Its texture gives a youthful and smooth appearance to the skin and counteracts the frizz effect on the hair. Sleeping 8 hours a night is what our health needs to keep the skin looking fresh and young. However, it is not enough to have a regular sleep-wake rhythm. 

The real difference lies in how we sleep and – above all – in what materials we fall asleep. If the mattress is of fundamental importance for relaxing the spine, realigning the bones, and relaxing the muscles, the pillow cover plays an essential role on the skin and hair. The mulberry silk pillowcase has revolutionized the way to rest for all women.

What Is The Difference Between Charmeuse Silk And Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry Silk

This term refers to silk from the cocoons of mulberry larvae (silkworms raised in captivity). The entire production process is carefully monitored, and the environment of the silkworm larvae is strictly controlled. This allows him to turn the silk threads into resulting mono: rounder, thinner, smoother, lighter, and more evenly colored than any other type of silk.

Silk Charmeuse

It does not refer to a type of material such as mulberry silk, but it is a silk fabric made with a particular way of weaving. The front of the fabric has a smooth, reflective finish, while the back has a matte finish.

Silk Pillowcase 5 Benefits You May Not Know

The first thing to know about the silk pillow is that the fabric is hypoallergenic, natural, and particularly suitable for all people who have sensitive skin and tend to get irritated in contact with synthetic materials. Even the 100% cotton pillowcases are ideal for this problem, but silk contains incredible benefits. Anti-aging, anti-frizz, hypoallergenic, and humidity regulators are just some of the properties attributed to the silk pillow. The benefits are at least 6, and they are all amazing.

The Silk Pillow Is Ideal For Not Causing Wrinkles

If you wake up in the morning with your whole face streaked with the folds of the pillow, know that this thing will never happen to you again with the best silk pillowcase. During aging, the skin loses elasticity, and it often happens that these signs become small wrinkles. Silk, much softer and more delicate than cotton, does not press on the skin, leaving it fresh and relaxed when you wake up.

The Silk Pillowcase Moisturizes The Skin And Is An Ally For Skincare

Our skin is more receptive to absorbing night treatments and creams during the night, but perhaps not everyone knows that half of our precious creams soak the pillow! The advantage of the silk pillowcase is that it does not absorb creams, letting the skin nourish itself throughout the night.

Bye-Bye Pimples And Shiny Skin

For the same principle that the silk pillow does not absorb creams, the same is valid for grease, sebum, and skin impurities that remain trapped on our faces at night, becoming the ideal place for bacteria and germs to cause pimples and blackheads.

Constant Temperature = No Sweat

Being a natural fabric, the silk pillowcase keeps the skin temperature constant. This quality means better rest, brighter, blemish-free skin. Furthermore, retaining moisture becomes particularly suitable even for dry skin. If you sleep better in the morning, your face will appear more rested and relaxed.

Goodbye Frizzy Hair

Treatments such as dyes and bleaches make the hair more brittle and prone to cracking or wrinkling. The friction of the hair on the pillow has a significant impact on our hair, and even the rest can be more harmful to the hair. Given its smooth and soft texture, the silk pillowcase is the best way to keep hair healthy by reducing friction and frizz. In addition, silk helps to keep hair more peaceful, naturally hydrated, and therefore healthier and shinier.


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