Without Retouching – Your Makeup Lasts 10 Hours

Your look just looked great in the bathroom at home. A first glance at the shop window reflection on the way to work already indicates the dilemma. And by the middle of the day at the latest, all that’s left of your elaborate makeup are shadows under your eyes. However, this can be avoided. Apply a few simple beauty hacks, and your makeup will go through a marathon without smudging. Simple but effective: simple makeup hacks turn your look into a miracle of endurance.

Makeup Hack: Prep The Skin

Preparation is the be-all and end-all of the exam and daily makeup. No matter what skin type you have, your skin can withstand a stressful day more easily with the right care. Skincare also makes a big difference under makeup. Very important: depending on the type, provide the skin with sufficient moisture and protect it from UV radiation before foundation and co.

Allow Your Cream To Take Effect 

In summer, you should care for your skin with cream with a sun protection factor. However, it can happen that the SPF cream initially leaves a greasy film on the skin after application, which in turn means that makeup does not hold well. Therefore, allow your skin care product to soak thoroughly – ideally for up to 20 minutes. With dry skin, the products usually absorb more quickly.

Ensure Smooth Skin

Makeup cannot adhere well to an uneven surface either. Therefore, use regular peelings on your face – preferably one you have mixed yourself with natural granules such as salt or walnut slivers – or rub it off with a fine beauty brush to rid the skin of flakes and dead cells.

Prime Before Foundation

If you want your makeup to last a particularly long time: reach for the primer, i.e. the foundation before the foundation. This consists mainly of silicones, which lie in any wrinkles like a veil and thus prevent the makeup from settling in fine lines and skin pores.

Choose The Right Products

Liquid textures hold best, but only some people like them. Alternatively, the mineral powder is recommended, which consists almost entirely of high-quality minerals and allows the skin to breathe particularly well. A tinted day cream provides extra care but does not cover as much.

Makeup Hack: Double Priming

Have you ever heard of double priming? This trend spreads among beauty fans because it promises long-lasting and flawless makeup. And this is how it works: Use two different primers one after the other, and wait a few minutes in between. One acts as a soft focus to make the pores invisible. The second should be a gripping primer. Its slightly sticky texture ensures that your makeup sits firmly on the skin and stays in place throughout the day.

Wear Waterproof Makeup Even In Winter

If you sweat or some tears flow, the foundation and the kajal will quickly “run” if you don’t use waterproof products. Therefore, always use waterproof makeup, preferably products from brands with natural ingredients, so as not to unnecessarily strain the skin and eyes. For a dramatic appearance with smokey eyes: it is best to use powder-based eyeshadow and prime with a primer beforehand. Lasts for hours!

Fingers Out Of The Face

Of course, if you concentrate, you won’t notice if you’re fiddling with your face with your fingers, resting your chin thoughtlessly or scratching your forehead helplessly. Be careful and keep your fingers away from your face. Otherwise, it’s no wonder that your makeup smears and is quickly gone – by the way, pimples are also inevitable.

Makeup Hack: Use Setting Spray Properly

Just spray it on your face as soon as the makeup is done. You can do it, but setting spray becomes even more effective with a simple trick. By spraying it onto a blush brush or beauty blender and then gently dabbing it onto the skin, you can simultaneously absorb excess makeup and seal your look in a targeted manner. That way, it doesn’t later migrate into small skin folds. 


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