6 Activities That Will Make You Feel Relaxed

Are you experiencing a period of intense stress and need to dedicate yourself to something that makes you feel good and relaxed? Try these six activities. When you are very stressed, the idea is to carve out some moments to do things that can make us feel good; the best thing would certainly be to take a break and leave, perhaps for a holiday or a weekend dedicated to wellness. However, this is not always possible.

So if you feel that your tension levels are reaching their limits, but yoga and meditation classes are not for you, you can try one or more activities that will make you feel relaxed. Plus some hands-on work that helps fight tension and to improve concentration, such as gardening, crochet, or drawing, there are other more or less active ones that will make you feel better and help you find your balance.

6 Activities To Reduce Stress

For some people, complete relaxation is lying on the sofa and having a TV series marathon! It can help, but it shouldn’t be the only way to eliminate stress because very often, the activities that will make you feel more relaxed are not the passive ones but the ones in which you are the protagonist. Here are the ones we suggest: 

  1. Reading a long book.
  2. The longer the book you read, the more involved it will be, and you will feel like you have left for a long journey. You don’t need to read hours and hours, but knowing that something you’re passionate about is waiting for you on the bedside table is a relaxing moment in itself!
  3. Tidying up the closets
  4. Someone may see this activity as uninteresting or even as a duty; in reality, arranging the wardrobes, kitchen shelves, or bathroom furniture, eliminating all the useless things that have been accumulated over time, and above all giving order to what you intend to keep is a psychologically liberating job and a moment of relaxation.
  5. Arranging photos
  6. Since mobile phones have built-in cameras, more and more pictures of our daily life have been taken. Have you ever thought of giving an order to these photos, also to avoid the risk of losing them, perhaps making your page on the web or simply arranging them in folders on your computer and printing the ones you consider most significant?
  7. Writing
  8. Whether it’s a story with a beginning and an end, scattered thoughts, or writing a blog on any topic based on your interest, in short, putting your ideas on paper (or keyboard) is one of those activities that will make you feel relaxed.
  9. Coloring
  10. We are not talking about freehand drawing or painting on canvas, but buying coloring books, just like when we were children.
  11. Today the benefits that mandalas, designs inspired by shapes of the cosmos according to Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, have on stress, anxiety, and tension have been tested. Just buy these collections, pencils, or markers and indulge in this relaxing work.
  12. Going to exhibitions
  13. Finally, among the activities that will make you feel relaxed, there is also that of visiting a museum, an exhibition, going to listen to a concert or simply wandering around your city without a specific destination. It depends on your tastes and needs, but for some, true relaxation is outside the home and not inside.


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