How To Get Six-Pack Abs In 5 Moves

Flat stomach and muscles insight for a body to be kept healthy. The goal of many people who care about having a fit physique is to get nice sculpted abs. Due to unique conformation, you cannot always expect to have these muscles well defined and in evidence. However, you can undoubtedly eliminate excess fat in this area and have a flat stomach, highlighting the forces present. 

Unfortunately, it is not enough to eat little, just as it is not enough to do a lot of sport: what is needed to show well-defined abdominals is a combination of targeted measures dedicated to this area. Follow the five simple steps we suggest, get ready to put effort and perseverance, and your sacrifices will surely be repaid. Good news, perhaps trivial but essential: once you have achieved the first results, it will be much easier to keep fit, and the road will undoubtedly be downhill. Come on, let’s get started!

Step 1: Controlled Power Supply

Cleaning up from the inside is undoubtedly a great starting point for looking good outside. To have sculpted abs, it is necessary to reduce body fat mass, in general. Cut down on complex carbohydrates and sugars in favor of increased fruits, vegetables, and organic proteins. To abolish junk food. Do not drastically cut calories because you could have the opposite effect and decrease your metabolism. Try to follow a balanced diet, preferably with the help of a dietician or nutritionist, and choose quality foods.

Step 2: Aerobic Exercise

A regulated diet and a decrease in calories certainly make you lose weight. Still, it is only in combination with constant physical activity that you can achieve the best results in terms of tone. Aerobic exercise is ideal to be practiced every week, at least 2/3 days out of 7, and allows you to develop correct muscle mass, the one that will help you reach the goal of sculpted and defined abs.

Step 3: High-Intensity Training 

To reduce fat and burn more calories in less time, you can add HIT, or High-Intensity Training, to your weekly workout. This consists of sprinting lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes of physical activity at maximum speed, combined with gentler recovery phases. Sports medicine studies state that by doing so, more calories can be burned, and the cardiovascular system also benefits. Always train gradually and responsibly so as not to experience unpleasant pain or injury. 

Step 4: Strengthen The Muscles

In the training program to be followed, there must also be exercise to increase muscle strength. An optimal solution is to alternate exercises for this purpose with the HIT sprints described above. Using weights or suitable tools and doing repetitions of the movements is the correct time to recover from the minutes of activity at a very high speed and helps strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In this way, it is also possible to prevent injuries.

Step 5: Targeted Exercises

We are now at the last step of our program to have sculpted abs. Once we have adjusted our nutrition, stimulated the metabolism through constant training, and reduced body fat, we are now ready to work directly on the abdomen muscles, define them, and make them visible. We learn to contract the muscle groups through crunches correctly, reverse crunches, scissors, planks, sit-ups, and all the exercises specifically designed for this area.


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