Salt And Pepper: Like Having Bright, Shiny White Or Gray Hair

Over the years, hair becomes whiter and whiter due to the genetic breakdown of the natural pigment. The cells that produce melanin can stop working, and when that happens, the hair that sprouts from the follicle is gray or white. When some follicles start producing white hair, it will no longer be colored because it means they can no longer produce hair-coloring cells. That said, the hair is made of keratin, which usually has a slightly yellow tint. Due to oxidation, this undertone is the usual consequence. 

New gray hair often has a thick, dry texture. This can be caused by a reduction in the sebum produced by the scalp (which is, therefore, less able to make those natural oils it needs to stay hydrated), or it can be the result of the fact that the gray hair, when it appears, distorts the shape. The follicle also affects the natural growth of the hair. Some people find that they have thinner, more brittle gray hair with less volume. Sometimes the scalp is also visible because the hair is thinning. Fine hair is more prone to breaking and split ends. All these minor problems can affect the routine of choosing gray hair. 

Why Use A Neutralizing Shampoo For Gray And White Hair

When gray hair comes along, there isn’t much choice regarding the shade of color (white, dark gray, Silver, etc.). But some habits can help prevent color tones or discolorations that turn yellowish or dull. The answer: a silver-toned hair treatment, also in a shampoo or as a complete service to be carried out in the salon. 

Are silver tones a hair color? Although the shampoo contains color pigments, this does not color the hair permanently.  Silver-tone treatments are a smart option when deciding not to color white/gray hair. Conversely, a blue-toned pigment is used to cancel out yellow undertones. Your hairdresser can work to reduce the colored pigment with each application, managing to get you a nice silver-tone with salt and pepper hair.

How Neutralizing Shampoo Works On Gray And White Hair

The Silver Shampoo from the Série Expert range has a formulation specially created to wash the hair and neutralize any unwanted pigmentation, such as yellow, white, or gray undertones. This is possible thanks to the purple tones, which helps balance the undertones. This shampoo is effective both on gray and white hair and on platinum or light blond hair because it helps to eliminate annoying yellow shades. It is used as a regular shampoo: it is applied to wet hair, massaged, and then rinsed, obviously combining it with the conditioner of the same range. 

A common problem for those with gray, natural, or even dyed hair is loss of shine. To improve this look and transform the hair from a dull gray to bright Silver, the solution can be to use the Silver shampoo! What about brown hair? Why not? You can use the Silver shampoo on brown hair to remove yellow undertones or refresh cold shades (for example, ash brown or cocoa). The principle of this shampoo is to neutralize, so it works even in the case of dull brown hair that turns yellowish.

Tips For Gray And White Hair

How To Make Salt And Pepper Hair Shine

Gray doesn’t reflect light so hair can appear dry and dull. And it doesn’t just happen to thicker hair, but also to fine hair, which seems less shiny due to thinning. But you can try a treatment like Silver, which sublimates gray and white hair color for pure and bright color. The hair gains strength and softness. White and gray hair will appear more intense and shinier, brighter, and more even. 

How To Make Silver Hair Shine Last

If you have found the perfect shade of gray, perhaps thanks to one of the products we recommend, how can you ensure that this color lasts as long as possible? L’Oréal Professionnel has the answer: Smartbond is a unique salon treatment that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (bleaching and coloring) and consists of 3 steps, the first two specifically for the salon and the third for use at home. It is elementary to use and fits into the hairdresser’s routine. The result is a bright color that lasts long and gray hair that looks healthy and shiny.


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