Healthy Weight Loss For Working People

Have you finally decided to lose a few pounds and lose weight healthily? An individual nutrition plan is often of great help here – at least as long as you are within your own four walls. But what do you do when you travel a lot for work and eat outside the home more often? Healthy weight loss can also be planned for working people, even if you don’t have much time or inclination to cook. 

The following tips and tricks will help you lose weight sustainably despite the lack of time and not lose sight of your desired weight. Let’s start with the “do’s” before we look at the “don’ts,” both together make up a simple thread for healthy weight loss for professionals.

Do’s: Tips & Tricks

Lots Of Water Helps You Lose Weight In A Healthy Way

Water fills the stomach and is an integral part of a healthy diet. It should be drunk in sufficient quantities every day, and you should always drink 2-3 liters when you are out and about. In addition to water, you can also grab a coffee or green tea. Alcohol, cola, and fruit juices, on the other hand, are taboo during a change in diet and harm your weight loss process. 

A juice spritzer in the ratio of one part fruit juice to four parts water is possible from time to time, but if you like it fruity, you should above all rely on infused water, so put fruit slices and herbs in the water. In the restaurant, you should try drinking water before you eat and between courses. This not only slows your food intake – but you are also full faster and more sustainably.

Eat Before You Leave The House

Not only is it easier to resist unhealthy temptations at home – but it’s also more predictable and healthier. Because in the rarest of cases, all micro-and macronutrients that support you in healthy weight loss are broken down in restaurants and cafes. Therefore, never leave the house on an empty stomach. For breakfast, rely on complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal and fresh fruit, if you prefer it sweet, but cut out short-chain carbohydrates such as jam, chocolate cream, and white flour products that send your blood sugar and thus your feeling of hunger on a roller coaster ride through the day. 

Whole meal bread is hearty, and you can top it with cottage cheese and lean poultry sausage to supply your body with sufficient protein and healthy fats. Both ensure a stable blood sugar level and are suitable for your weight loss process as a working person. Losing weight healthily can also be delicious. If you have to go very quickly, you should always have different nuts and kernels in the house. One grip in the bag, and you start the day with a handful of energy.

Cheers For Vegetables

To achieve visible long-term success and incorporate sustainable weight loss into your everyday life, sometimes only minor adjustments are required. An adjustment that is possible for everyone concerns the so-called “supplement.” The side dish takes up most of the plate in many dishes, so pay close attention to what you are eating. You can’t go wrong with vegetables at this point. Every successful diet relies on a high proportion of vegetables because they provide many nutrients and fiber but few calories. 

For example, you can have high-calorie and high-carbohydrate side dishes such as replacing french fries, pasta, bread, or rice with a mixed salad or vegetable platter. If you do this regularly and only occasionally reach into the carbohydrate box, you have already taken a crucial step towards healthy weight loss. Eating healthy is a lifestyle that you integrate step by step into your life and then never forget.

Grilling And Stewing Instead Of Braising, Breading, Or Deep-Frying

A few simple rules of thumb will help you make the right decisions in a restaurant: Grilled dishes are generally healthier than breaded dishes. The breading itself is a calorie trap and often means breaded and deep-fried in a lot of fat, a clear no-go. Steamed or gently cooked foods are better for healthy weight loss than braised dishes. Even after preparation, the delicate process retains many valuable micro-elements such as vitamins, overcooked in many other methods. You can also use these two preparation methods to reduce your salt consumption while on a diet because breading and braising like to be well salted. This also helps with healthy weight loss because salt binds water in the cells and thus makes it difficult to lose weight.

Be Willing To Experiment With Healthy Weight Loss For Professionals

Have you ever been to a vegan, vegetarian, or paleo restaurant? If not, now is the time to change that. These three diets have a shared philosophy that uses natural, unprocessed, and fresh ingredients in the preparation. They offer various delicious foods for all occasions and use refreshingly new foods and spices that your palate is not yet familiar with. 

Losing weight healthily also means broadening your horizons and adding new, healthy food and diets to your menu. Of course, spaghetti with tomato sauce is also vegetarian, but with the knowledge of the first four points, you should be able to choose a good dish with a lot of vegetables and possibly some lean meat or fish from the menu.

Pre-Cook And Healthy Portion Food

It doesn’t always have to be a restaurant. You can quickly and easily pre-cook many delicious dishes that will help you healthily lose weight. This not only saves time – it is also tasty, healthy, and means that less leftover food ends up in the bin. In addition, you always have an overview of all ingredients, which is an essential key to healthy weight loss. 

Various simple and healthy dishes can be prepared in less than half an hour. Usually, it makes sense to pre-cook in the evening, perhaps to have a small portion for dinner and then finish your lunch the following day, for example, in one of these food storage containers to take away. 

Choice Of Food In The Canteen

In the canteen, you can usually let off steam: “some of this, some of it, no, please don’t.” Just make sure you eat many vegetables, preferably green vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, or spinach. This contains – whether warm or cold – essential nutrients that help you healthily lose weight. (Tip: You can quickly determine your optimal nutritional requirements with our BMI calculator ). 

If you are not vegetarian or vegan, a little lean meat, fish, or poultry will help you supply the body with animal proteins. Sauces in the canteen are often full of flavorings, sugar, and fat – it is not uncommon for a dish to swim in this unhealthy mixture. Only use sauces in minimal quantities, or better omit them altogether.


You see: healthy weight loss is not rocket science even for working people and is determined by simple rules. In everyday life, some factors can ensure that we forget these simple rules or consciously decide against them, leading to frustration for some, remorse for others, and others to direct surrender to their inadequacy. 

Don’t make it so difficult for yourself. There are always a few minor dropouts, but try to stay on the ball as much as possible, because ultimately only consistency leads to the goal. The iron will most likely fail because of simple things like too little or insufficient sleep, negative feelings, or too much stress. 

Therefore, plan breaks in your working day – you can do more with breaks than without, this has been scientifically proven – try to get seven or more hours of sleep regularly and otherwise add a 20-minute power nap at noon and try a short meditation. To clear your mind of negative thoughts. In this way, you are doing something for your healthy diet and your overall well-being.


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