Tricks That You Do Not Do For Losing Weight

Stay Away From Fast Food – Weight Loss For Professionals

Fast food’s bad reputation is no coincidence. While a juicy burger with salty fries is very tempting, we can only advise against it while on a diet. The burger is still the best fast food available for a regular diet without rolls and with salad instead of fries. Pizza, doner kebab, currywurst, noodles, and the like are only something for rare outliers.

Unsurprisingly, these delicious messes provide us with little help to enable healthy weight loss for working people. Frying fat and added fats come along with sugary sauces like ketchup or mayonnaise. The gluten-containing batter is the exact opposite of a healthy low-carb diet and lets our blood sugar and blood fat levels rise immeasurably. In addition, the “tasty” taste is usually the result of flavor enhancers that negatively affect our eating habits and sense of taste. As bad as it is, healthy weight loss and conventional fast food will unfortunately no longer become friends in this life.

Ready-Made Dressings For Fresh Salads

In general, mixed salads contain many essential nutrients for a balanced diet and a healthy diet. However, the devil is in the details: the wrong dressing can turn the healthiest salad into a real calorie bomb. Avoid ready-made yogurt and dressing, as these contain a lot of calories and sugar! Instead, opt for some olive oil and vinegar. 

If possible, have your dressing brought to you in the restaurant and try it before you pour it all over the salad. Homemade yogurt dressing with salt, pepper, and a little mustard is, of course, also okay. If you want to spice up your salad, opt for a few (roasted) seeds, some feta, chili, or chicken breast strips instead of using the ready-made dressing. By the way: The tomato-mozzarella salad contains high-quality protein and many essential fibers and trace elements.

Eliminate White Bread And Pasta From Your Nutrition Plan

Whether with soup or salad, before the actual meal, or as dough in the meal itself: white bread or another white flour product is often a side dish that invites you to dip and should fill you up or part of the meal itself. Unfortunately, white flour contains next to no valuable nutrients that are beneficial for healthy weight loss. 

But on the contrary! We recommend eliminating the constipating bread side dish from your nutrition plan completely. Not only will your blood sugar level thank you, but white flour is also one of the inflammatory foods and has been linked to many chronic diseases. Our tip: losing weight healthily without white flour products is a blessing for you and your body.

Avoid Hearty Home Cooking

Restaurants known for their hearty home cooking should be avoided as much as possible during the acceptance phase. Greasy meat, creamy sauces, and even sugary stumbling blocks lurk around every corner. Replace the pork knuckle with fried potatoes with fish with healthy vegetables. Even in the quaintest inn, you will find a few pearls on the menu that won’t completely sabotage your diet. 

Fresh market vegetables and, above all, healthy kale, asparagus, or black salsify are regulars on the menu- and without the greasy sauces, the real benefit for the body. Add a piece of lean meat or fish, and you have halved the calories of your meal and doubled the nutrients.

Avoid (Simple) Sugar

Sugar – what we mean here are mainly single and double sugars such as table sugar, sucrose, glucose, or fructose, among other things, have a strong influence on your blood sugar level. Since they can be processed quickly by our body, they cause blood sugar to rise just as quickly, to which the body reacts in turn. According to studies, this leads to tiredness and an increased feeling of hunger. Both conditions are among the most common unpleasant side effects at the beginning of dietary changes. 

Recurring tiredness not only complicates your everyday life. You will also be tempted more quickly to consume food that you shouldn’t be consuming because your willpower is reduced, and your reward system in the brain expects something from you for tormenting yourself through the day. This is why low glycemic index foods are used extensively- Foods that have a slow effect on blood sugar – and healthy carbohydrates are used, promoting your healthy weight loss without side effects. 

Sugar also has the unpleasant side effect that your sense of taste gets used to the sweet taste. The consequence of this is that you eat ever sweeter and ever more sweet foods without registering it. After two to three weeks of complete sugar deprivation, many “normal” things will seem very sweet to you. In muesli, for example, there is usually much more sugar than necessary and than you would think. Better keep your hands off sugar and look for sugar-free alternatives.

Snacking: No Thanks!

Especially during stressful situations and when there is a lack of time, many tend to reach into the bag of chips, candy bars, or other unhealthy sweets. This is not only unhealthy – it is also the most common reason why the quick path to your desired weight can be infinitely long. Hundreds of calories add up if you grab a small snack several times. The most famous small candy bars alone contain around two hundred calories – per bar. 

In addition, these sweet snack shops urge you to use them again and again . Also, soft drinks and other sweetened beverages fall into the snacking category and often bring just the calories in, which are too much at the end of the day. So if you replace this junk food with healthy snacks, you will have gained a lot after a short time without the feeling of having to do without goodies. Unsalted and unroasted nuts and kernels, for example, are rich in good fats and micronutrients and lower cholesterol levels. 

At the same time, the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts increase the performance of the brain. Most nuts also have high levels of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect our cells. For nut allergy sufferers, low-sugar fruits offer a healthy snack alternative. Apples, tangerines, blueberries, and other berries are tasty substitutes for unhealthy snacks. 

Too Vegetable sticks and some raw food products are suitable alternatives. Real snacking, i.e., reaching for sweets, chips & co. Like reaching for alcohol, it has no place in your everyday life and is reserved for rare exceptions such as a visit to the cinema or a party. Losing weight healthily means setting the right priorities for eating and drinking.

Healthy Weight Loss With These Foods For Working People When Traveling

  1. Boiled eggs
  2. packaged fish such as salmon or tuna
  3. Cottage cheese, unsweetened natural yogurt, or low-fat quark with fruit
  4. Nuts and kernels (provide healthy fats)
  5. Vegetable sticks (possibly with nut butter as a dip)
  6. grilled vegetables
  7. Fruits like berries, apples, citrus fruits
  8. Protein shake (without additional sweeteners)
  9. Air-dried meat (raw ham, beef jerky)
  10. Healthy drinks (water, unsweetened coffee, green tea)


These simple rules are the way to achieve the goal of healthy weight loss for professionals. With the necessary consistency and some additional sporting activity to counteract long sitting, you can easily reach your desired weight.


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