The ‘Fat Burning’ Drink And Salad That Helps You Lose Up To 4Kg

A drink that helps us lose up to 4 kg of fat in a short time? No, it is not a hoax, and you can easily prepare it with your own hands. Among the various diets and detox drinks that you read on the internet, many of these promise the impossible without a minimum of scientific value, but this is not the case with the alcohol we are about to tell you about. “The drink in question does not work miracles, but it enormously helps the body to lose weight, or rather fat, also helping our stomach to become flat. A detoxifying compound that uses only natural and healthy ingredients, therefore nothing harmful to our body “. 

But let’s see in detail what it is and how it can be prepared. So, to prepare our ‘fat burning’ drink, all you will need is 1 liter of water, one tablespoon of ginger (grated), one sliced ​​cucumber, and fresh mint. So, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients in a large enough container and store everything for a whole night in the refrigerator. After the night, the solution obtained will have to be drunk instead of water whenever you are thirsty, and in a few days, we can guarantee you, the results will be evident: seeing is believing! But what are the properties and benefits that make this drink so effective against extra pounds? 

In this regard, the answer is simple: by taking this drink every day, the burning of excess fat will be favored thanks to the thermogenic properties that ginger enjoys; practically, you will burn many more calories than you usually consume (obviously, the drink must be combined with a healthy and low-fat diet). Moreover, even the cucumber, thanks to the tartaric acid, can ensure that the fats eaten during a meal are not transformed into adipose fat. In short, it is clear that it does not work miracles, but the drink in question can be helpful against extra pounds thanks to the mix of ‘slimming’ properties that its ingredients offer, as we have said. 

As mentioned above, the fat-burning drink must possibly be combined with a light diet, therefore free of fats or carbohydrates, preferring instead consuming fruit, vegetables, cereal-based products, and lean or otherwise delicate dairy products. One week will be enough to ensure that you can already notice the first results, and one of our last pieces of advice is to do as much movement as possible, even long daily walks, to optimize the effects of the drink. 

The Salad That Deflates And Helps Burn Excess Fat

It is well known that the secret to staying in perfect health and living a long life is to eat healthily: it is always necessary to choose valuable products to provide our body with all the nutrients it needs to function correctly. In this regard, few people know that some foods considered whole can help us keep us in perfect health and, among other things, also support us in line by helping us lose weight. Precisely for this reason, in this article, we have decided to tell you about the recipe for a salad that turns out to be a natural concentrate of valuable benefits for our body and which serves to reduce abdominal swelling, fight fluid retention and promote disposal—the extra pounds. But let’s proceed in order and see in detail what it is about how it can be prepared. 

So, the preparation of our ‘fat burning’ salad is effortless, and the ingredients you will need are: “150 grams of cherry tomatoes, 40 grams of red onion, one avocado, one cucumber, a few parsley leaves, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, a piece of feta cheese. Chop all the ingredients, add the feta cheese and mix well. Dress with extra virgin olive oil and, if you like, vinegar. Eat before meals. But now that we have seen how simple it is to prepare our miraculous salad, what are the beneficial properties that make it so unique and helpful for burning fat? 

To answer this, it is necessary to consider the targeted properties of some ingredients that compose it; for example, feta, in addition to being a low-fat cheese, is also rich in proteins and good fatty acids, both essential for our body and which do not make you fat at all, quite the contrary. Then, instead, avocado is a fruit whose ability to regulate blood sugar levels makes it an essential food in any diet and weight control. As for the cucumber, “the main properties concern its purifying and diuretic action, due to the high content of water, fibers, and minerals. This is why cucumber is recommended as a slimming diet for those who want to eliminate excess fluids and accumulations of cellulite “. 

Finally, last in importance is vinegar, which, thanks to its well-known digestive and purifying properties, promotes the slimming process by activating the metabolism, thus causing it to burn more fat in less time than usual. In short, as you can easily guess, this is a mix of natural ingredients that, in terms of health and line, is a real bomb! Thanks to this recipe, hot and asphyxiating summer days will become more pleasant than ever, and meals can be tasted with more lightness and taste: seeing is believing. 


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