The Gua Sha Or Jade Roller: Anti-Aging And Smoothing Properties

What Is Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha is a jade spatula used for centuries in Chinese medicine. Its name comes from ”  Gua,” which means to scratch, and ”  Sha,” which means disease, so to scratch the condition. This ancestral technique, most often practiced on the neck, back, arms, thighs, etc., helps to revive the circulation of energy (=Qi), to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, to eliminate toxins, and to release muscle tension. Intense pressures are exerted at the meridians’ level to the point of causing petechiae to appear(= small red spots) and redness on the skin. But Gua sha can also be used on the face to redraw the contours and sculpt the face. In this case, the heart shape whose contours adapt perfectly will be favored for a lifting effect. On the front, it will be necessary to be careful, especially in sensitive, reactive skin that reddens easily.

How To Use The Gua Sha Stone?

First of all, and as with any facial massage, this tool is used in a lying position so that the skin muscles of the face rest on the bone structure. Similarly, if you regularly practice self-massage, it also lies on your bed or sofa.

Here’s How:

Start by removing makeup and cleansing your face, then apply your usual serum. Once properly installed, use your Gua sha, exerting pressure from the midline of your face (middle of the chin, nose, middle of the forehead) outwards (i.e., towards the ears and temples):

  1. Place the hollow formed by the two rounded parts of the heart at the level of your chin, then smooth following the contour of the jawline towards the ear to firm up the oval of the face.
  2. At the base of the wing of the nose, pass the large side of your Gua-sha by stretching on the cheeks for a lifting effect and do the same on the forehead.
  3. Around the eye contour, use the small rounded tip, always going from the inner corner of the eye towards the temples, without forgetting to pass the stone along the eyebrows.
  4. On this more delicate area, exert a lighter pressure allowing, all the same, to facilitate the lymphatic circulation to drain dark circles and bags under the eyes.

You will notice that your skin is reddened, indicating that the circulation is activated, which increases cellular exchanges. However, the redness should fade quickly. The massage exercised by the Gua sha is more marked. It can be carried out 1 to 2 times per week, in sessions of 5 minutes.

What Is The Difference With The Jade Roller?

Also called a Jade roller or roll-on, the Jade roller consists of a handle and two oval stones at each end. Heavier, the weight of the stone will, here, exert pressure, not the hand. Instead, it is reserved for use on the face and neck. The massage is less intense than with Gua sha and can be practiced daily for 3 to 5 minutes. The massage stimulates lymphatic circulation, drains toxins, and smoothes the skin. 

How Is The Jade Roller Used?

As with the Gua sha, lie down to massage your face. Again, the massage movements are from the middle of the face outwards. Start at the bottom of the face by positioning the roller at your chin: the handle must be at right angles to the ground. The weight of the stone will exert pressure on your skin. Smooth along your jawline, working your way up the cheeks. Continue following the meridians of the face as indicated for the gua sha. This time, the smaller of the two stones will be used on the eye contour area. To see beneficial effects on your face, use the Jade roller daily in a 3 to 5-minute session.

Why Are They Both Anti-Aging Accessories?

The anti-aging effect is obtained thanks to the exercised massage, which allows to:

  1. Increase circulation and blood flow and thus promote cellular exchanges.
  2. Stimulate the lymphatic system, one of whose functions is to drain the body and help it get rid of the toxins that clutter it.
  3. Promote the production of collagen because massaging stimulates fibroblasts which produce collagen fibers (responsible for firmness) and elastin fibers (give the skin suppleness).
  4. Relax the facial muscles, and release tension and tension.

The benefits for the skin are, therefore, multiple. It appears more radiant and smoother, with reduced wrinkles, fine lines, and bags under the eyes.

How To Choose Your Gua-Sha Or Roller?

These accessories, which have become fashionable in the West, are now easily found, but very few are made of honest Jade. More expensive and therefore rare, it is much easier to find rollers and Gua-sha in quartz stone, serpentine, amethyst, obsidian, or even fake Jade. Jade is a semi-precious stone used in traditional Chinese medicine for a very long time. According to the principles of lithotherapy, it is particular since it has a vibratory resonance similar to the dermis, reinforcing its benefits on the skin. If you are looking for this vibratory property, choose a natural Jade roller or Gua sha, as this is not found with other stones. In addition, honest Jade has the particularity of being heavy, which allows pressure to be exerted on the face. It is also a cold stone that does not heat up immediately in contact with the skin. If, in addition, you place your accessory in the refrigerator, the cooling effect will then be reinforced.

How To Know If It Is Quality Jade?

The best-known color of Jade is green, yet there are jades with different colors: blue-green, pink, and black… the purest being white Jade. Ideally, since this object will be in direct contact with your skin, opt for an accessory whose stone is natural, pure, and has not undergone any chemical treatment. Many Jade are chemically bleached and then tinted. I prefer an untreated Jade simply polished. To ensure the quality of your roller or Gua sha, weigh your accessory: it must be heavy, which proves that the stone has a high density. You can also observe it closely: The stone’s color must present nuances, and slight irregularities can be visible on the surface. Finally, quality jade cannot be sold at a low price. See it as a jewel of beauty to offer yourself or to be offered, which can then be kept for life.


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