How To Change The Eye Color? All Methods

Change eye color forever without using contact lenses? From today you can. If you’re curious, read more now. Eye color is – at a genetic level – a hereditary factor that depends on the quantity and distribution of melanin (a coloring pigment). Melanin is – in fact – the same pigment responsible for skin and hair color: the more melanin there is in an eye, the darker it will be, from brown to black. Blue eyes have melanin deposited in the most profound state of the eye, while dark eyes have the most superficial layer. In green eyes, however, melanin is deposited in small quantities on the anterior and posterior layers.

Do You Want To Change Your Eye Color? 

Let’s say it’s hard to do it permanently, but new technologies are popping up every day that promise blue eyes to naturally black people. The most famous method, which allows you to change eye color with lasers, is called Lumineyes. A low-energy laser burns the top layer of melanin in the eye, bringing out the blue paint under the iris. Essentially, this means that “underneath”, we all have blue eyes! In the United States, this type of intervention is performed in just 20 seconds at the cost of around 5,000 euros. The iris will then need a few weeks of rest to settle down and change color permanently. Of course, if you want to learn more about this technique, you should contact your doctor and a specialist.

Changing Eye Color: Contraindications

Unfortunately, it has yet to be discovered what kind of result can be obtained in the long term from this operation, but – in any case – always keep in mind that it is a surgical operation. As such, it involves risks and dangers. In the future, the melanin that has been removed could reform again, and no study, to date, can give you certainty of what will happen to your eyes in 10 years. Some ophthalmologists also fear severe side effects, such as an increase in eye pressure, the appearance of cataracts and other pathologies that could even lead to blindness.

How To Change Eye Color Naturally

The simplest – and 100% safe – method to change eye color is to apply coloured contact lenses. If your eyes are black, it will be challenging to make them look blue, but you certainly won’t run into complications. There are many types and colors on the market. All you have to do is find the color that suits you best. Be careful not to wear them for too long, and still get advice from your ophthalmologist to determine if they are right for you. If you usually wear glasses, you can also use prescription coloured contact lenses, but only a specialist can determine if your eye can tolerate contact lenses.

If you want to know how to change eye color without lenses but with makeup, follow our advice, and you will be able to give the impression of having a different color than the original one. If your eyes are light enough, you could – for example – make them up with eyeshadows for blue pencils or with copper and gold. Draping a blue eyeliner on the upper eyelid also helps to create an optical effect that will make your eyes appear lighter. Bronze tones naturally give a blue tint to the iris, and changing your makeup in this direction may help you accept your original color. 

It seems that inside the hazel eyes, there are some lighter specks which would be more evident with the gold color. If you have green eyes and want to intensify them, choose purple, brown or pink eyeshadows instead. Avoid do-it-yourself remedies such as the one that recommends putting a drop of honey in your eyes every day: it’s not true that this substance clears them up! This is a risky rumor because you would unnecessarily put the watch in contact with the bacteria in the honey, with the risk of causing even severe infections.

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